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Microgravity conditions in orbit offer a unique environment for research in a variety of scientific fields. Flight opportunities for experiments in microgravity are in high demand in the fields of Biotechnology, Combustion Science, Fluid Physics, Fundamental Physics, and Materials Science.

Researchers in such fields need low-cost, frequent access to and return from space. Repeat experiments are essential to accumulate enough data for peer review of their work.

The availability and high cost of launch have been limiting factors. Affordability and routine flights are significant advantages for commercial operations such as the RPK K-1 system.

The K-1 provides a high-quality microgravity environment on every flight for secondary payloads. Every launch dollar saved is a research dollar gained to the scientific community. In these days of tight research budgets, RPK's K-1 vehicle is an ideal alternative to existing platforms.


Scientific experiments need access to space. The K-1 provides a high-quality microgravity environment on every flight.
K-1 Second Stage (OV)

22 Hour Microgravity
Fills niche between sounding rockets & Shuttle/ISS

K-1 First Stage (LAP)

150 Second microgravity
Comparable to sounding rockets